Veneers in Hendersonville, NC

No one should have to hide their smile. Chips, gaps, discoloration, or anything you've been feeling self conscious about will be a thing of the past with veneers. Enhance your smile and get the confidence you deserve.

Veneers in Hendersonville
Veneers in Hendersonville

Why choose dental veneers?

If you’ve ever wished that you could totally transform your smile, veneers can help make that dream a reality. Made of thin yet durable porcelain, veneers are designed to cover the front surfaces of your teeth. They can be used to hide a variety of cosmetic imperfections such as severely stained teeth, chipped or broken teeth, misaligned or misshapen teeth, and gapped teeth. Their versatility makes them an extremely popular treatment option for patients who are looking for a permanent, comfortable, natural-looking cosmetic upgrade.

Read What Our Patients Have to Say

The best Dental practice I have ever been to as a patient. Very innovative & most pleasant assistants. Open atmosphere, everyone always happy from the minute you walk in the door. Dr. Weis is a very talented & up to date Dentist with all latest technology which makes the whole experience for the patient easier. I have been a patient for 23 years & not going anywhere!!!

Priscilla Rouse

Absolutely love Dr. Amy! She took care of my baby’s frenectomy and did an amazing job. Not only did she do the actual lasering well, she took care of my daughter really well too. She didn’t treat her like just another patient. I cannot recommend her enough if your child needs a frenectomy. She has an OT that she works with in office to make sure your baby has the therapy they need before and after as well. Jill is just as phenomenal as Dr. Amy. I know the idea of lasering your baby’s mouth is scary, but you’re in good hands here.

Lizzie S.

Everything about working with Dr. Amy and Jill was phenomenal - as a first-time mom, I felt very comfortable with their assessment and treatment of my child’s ties. The whole process was very holistic and baby/parent-centered. I would highly recommend their team!

Jordan Masterson

We have nothing but positive words to describe our experience with vibrant dental and Dr. Amy. She is very comforting, kind and great at explaining tongue tie process for our little guy. I especially appreciate the holistic approach Dr. Amy takes to her care.

Hannah Campbell

My newborn was referred by my LC to Dr. Amy Weis for an extremely tight tongue tie that seemed to be hindering her ability to breastfeed. Dr. Amy called me herself to discuss what a consultation and next steps would look like for such an appointment/procedure. Dr. Amy worked in tandem with her occupational therapist, Jill, and they both felt a tongue and lip tie cut would be the best course of action for my little one. Dr. Amy and Jill were both so kind, professional, empathetic to my new mother nerves, and gentle with our little one! My husband and I both felt that she went the extra mile to make us comfortable with our decision to proceed with the cuts and generally cared for her future prognosis and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Dr. Amy and her team if you find that you or your little one needs this procedure done!!

Emily Williams

I cannot recommend Dr Amy enough, especially for handling any kind of oral ties. The initial assessment was extremely thorough and Dr Amy made herself available for any and all questions that arose afterwards. We ended up not having our child’s ties released so I can’t speak to the release procedure and aftercare, but the fact that we did not feel pressured into the procedure and felt comfortable making the decision we did says volumes about this practice! So many places with release ties without proper reason/assessment, and that is NOT this practice.

Erin Heath

100% would recommend working with Dr. Amy & Dr. Jill to assist in oral tie release and treatment. Our baby is on the road to recovery and showing signs of improvement

Natalie Fox

Dr. Amy Weis is a top notch professional and we are so lucky to have her in the area. She is well educated and trained in ties, so she knows how to make sure outcomes are more likely to be successful. Working with an OT and an IBCLC is so important! My daughter had all of her oral ties fixed about two months ago and I'm so happy my baby girl had someone I could truly trust to do this procedure. I'll be taking my other kids back for theirs to be done as well.

Mrs. Anglo Ortho

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and lactation consultant, I chose Vibrant dental for my babes lip and tongue frenctomies because of Dr. Amy Weiss's technique and through evaluation which included an OT. I could not have been more happy with my choice. In addition to being an expert in her field, Dr. Weis is incredibly kind & compassionate. She and OT Jill looked beyond my babe's mouth, optimizing his overall mobility, feeding and caring for our hearts as well. I highly recommend Vibrant Dental for babes with lip and tongue ties!

Amy Montes

We were referred here by our pediatrician for our 10 week old for a tongue and lip tie. Dr. Amy and Jill are great. Everyone that works here is incredibly helpful, nice, and knowledgeable! Dr. Amy even texted us over the weekend to see how our little girl was doing. You can really tell that they care about their patients! If any parent out there is reading this and their child has a possible lip/tongue, I highly recommend having your pediatrician send a referral here!! I didn’t worry one bit while my daughter had her procedure done because I knew she was in good hands! Thank you Dr. Amy and Jill

Graydon Bannister

Dr.Amy and Jill are an amazing duo! My husband and I are both dental professionals and we wanted to make sure our little one was set up for success before, during, and after his tongue tie release. I’m glad to report that our little one is striving and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without this team. We felt well-informed and supported throughout it all! Thank you!

Yamilet Snelson

Amy and Jill were absolutely AMAZING. They made getting our daughters tie released such an easy, stress free process. They gave us such helpful information and walked us through the entire procedure! Highly recommend to anyone!!!


Absolutely love Dr. Amy! She took care of my baby’s frenectomy and did an amazing job. Not only did she do the actual lasering well, she took care of my daughter really well too. She didn’t treat her like just another patient. I cannot recommend her enough if your child needs a frenectomy. She has an OT that she works with in office to make sure your baby has the therapy they need before and after as well. Jill is just as phenomenal as Dr. Amy. I know the idea of lasering your baby’s mouth is scary, but you’re in good hands here.

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Commitment-Free Consult

If you’re curious about how veneers can transform your smile, how much they cost, or if you’re even a good candidate, be sure to take advantage of our free veneer consultations. Your doctor will answer any questions you may have and walk you through a custom treatment plan so you can make an informed decision about your smile transformation.

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The Benefits of Veneers

Long lifespan

Veneers can easily last 10+ years with proper care, which is longer than most alternative treatments like dental bonding. Not only are they durable, but veneers are also 100% stain resistant, which keeps your new smile looking bright and beautiful.

Unbeatable results

Veneers are made of lifelike ceramic material, and are handcrafted by experts so that they look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Once your veneers are in place, you’ll never have to feel self-conscious again. You’ll be able to speak, smile, eat, and laugh with pride, and feel great about how your teeth look.

Minimal care required

You can treat your new veneers just like you would treat natural teeth. Brush twice a day, floss once a day, eat a “tooth-healthy” diet, and make sure to see Dr. Weis and the team at Vibrant Dental for a six-month checkup. That’s it!

The Veneers Placement Process

Tooth Prep and Fitting

At your first treatment, Dr. Weis will clean and numb your mouth. Then, he will use a dental drill to gently remove a thin layer of enamel from each tooth that’s getting a veneer. Next, Dr. Weis will take scans and impressions of your teeth.

Building Permanent Veneers

After your initial appointment at Vibrant Dental, you’ll be sent home with a set of temporary veneers to protect your teeth. Dr. Weis will send your scans and impressions to our partner dental lab, where your permanent veneers will be built. It usually takes several weeks to build your final set of veneers.

Final Veneer Placement

Once we receive your porcelain veneers, you’ll come back to Vibrant Dental for your last appointment. Hendersonville dentist Dr. Weis will remove your temporaries, clean your teeth, and then check the fit of each of your permanent veneers. If everything looks good, he’ll bond them to your teeth with dental cement. Then, after one last tooth polishing, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your picture-perfect new smile.

Before & Afters

A smile is worth 1,000 words.

See real patient success stories.

Did you know…

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You don’t need veneers for every tooth. Depending on your needs, you can get just one or an entire set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

What Are Veneers Made Of?

Veneers are made of a highly durable porcelain ceramic material. This material is very similar to your natural enamel in strength and translucence. There are also many different colors of porcelain for veneers. This means that we can match your new veneers to your natural teeth for a completely seamless result.

What Cosmetic Issues Can Veneers Treat?

Veneers can treat almost any cosmetic issue with your teeth. They are frequently used to cover up severe tooth stains, to restore misshapen or chipped teeth, to correct gaps between teeth, and even to improve the appearance of slightly-crooked teeth. Wondering if veneers are right for you? The best way to find out if you're a candidate is to schedule a consultation at Vibrant Dental.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are tooth-shaped shells that are designed to fit over the fronts of your teeth. By using a set of veneers to cover your teeth, Hendersonville dentist, Dr. Michael Weis can treat a wide variety of cosmetic issues, ranging from stains to minor chips, misshapen teeth, and more. Veneers are a very popular cosmetic dentistry treatment due to their versatility, long lifespan, and amazing results. If you’d like to enhance your smile in Hendersonville, you can contact Vibrant Dental today for a cosmetic consultation, and see if veneers are right for you.

Are veneers permanent?

Veneers are not considered a reversible treatment, but they're not exactly permanent either. This might sound confusing, so let's break it down. Veneers, thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that cover the front surfaces of your teeth, are a fantastic solution for a variety of cosmetic dental issues. They can mask stains, chips, gaps, and even minor misalignment, giving you a picture-perfect smile.

However, to place veneers, a small amount of your natural tooth enamel must be removed. This process is irreversible, meaning once you've had veneers placed, you'll always need a form of dental restoration on those teeth. The veneers themselves typically last between 10 to 15 years with proper care, although this can vary depending on individual circumstances. After this time, they'll need to be replaced. So while veneers are a long-term solution, they're not technically 'permanent' in the sense that they'll last a lifetime without needing replacement.

Do you have to brush veneers?

Yes, absolutely! Just because veneers cover your natural teeth doesn't mean you can skip out on good oral hygiene practices. In fact, maintaining a regular brushing routine is even more crucial when you have veneers. This is because the gum tissue around your veneers can still be affected by plaque and tartar build-up, potentially leading to gum disease. 

Brushing twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush is the best way to keep your veneers looking their best. Flossing daily is also important to remove any food particles trapped between your teeth and veneers. Regular check-ups and cleanings at Vibrant Dental will also help maintain the longevity of your veneers and overall oral health.

What can't you eat with veneers?

While veneers are made from durable materials designed to withstand the forces of chewing and biting, there are certain foods that you might want to avoid to prevent damaging them. As a rule of thumb, anything that could damage your natural teeth can also damage your veneers.

Hard foods, such as nuts, seeds, hard candies, and ice, can potentially chip or crack your veneers. Sticky foods, like caramel and taffy, can pull on and potentially dislodge veneers. It's also best to avoid foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-colored berries. While porcelain veneers are highly stain-resistant, the adhesive used to bond them to your teeth can discolor over time. It is also important to avoid using your teeth as tools to avoid cracking or dislodging your veneers, or even damaging your natural teeth.

Remember, veneers are an investment in your smile, so it makes sense to take care of them as best you can. With good oral hygiene and a mindful diet, you can enjoy your beautiful veneers for many years to come.

Read What Our Patients Have to Say

This dental office is very clean with modern technology yet has maintained a personal and caring touch. We are very impressed and appreciate the great work!!

Matt Metzger

Vibrant dental is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a dental office. Everyone involved with this establishment is fantastic. I can’t say enough about them. Very pleased!


110%, hands down the best dental experience I’ve ever had! Vibrant Dental is truly the highest quality dental care you can find, and Dr. Michael Weis is the best in the business!

1) Dr. Michael Weis is amazing. With his amazing technique, he gave me a pain free injection to numb up my tooth. He treats my teeth as if they were his own — striving for perfection, going above and beyond, and using his skilled eye to make sure the tooth not only matches color but also shape. He is so skilled that I can’t even tell with my eyes or the feel of my tongue what is filling and what is my natural tooth. Incredible attention to detail!On top of all this, I had a chip in my front tooth I’ve had for half a decade. In absolutely no time at all, he filled in my chip and matched the color so seamlessly it’s as if nothing had ever happened to my teeth. It feels as if he has completely restored my smile!

Dr. Michael Weis is so gentle, regularly checks in with you while working, and is so kind. I truly felt so cared for with his genuine personality and kind demeanor. He is so thoughtful and thinks about what each step and moment would be like for the patient. You will not find another dentist who takes better care of you than Dr. Michael Weis!

2) A luxury experience! Dr. Weis and his staff treat you like royalty all the way through from the moment you walk in the door till you leave. Amazing, thoughtful, above and beyond details — weighted blankets, an eye/face massager while you get your work done, a fresh invigorating scent, calming music, friendliness through and through. While Dr. Weis was doing my filling, I almost fell asleep because I felt so calm with the gentle, relaxing eye massage, calm music, and gentle hands of Dr. Weis. The waiting room has an assortment of refreshing drinks, beautiful decor, and even a handmade live edge table made by Dr. Weis himself!!If you’re looking for the highest of quality dental care, look no further! Vibrant Dental will take care of your dental care in a professional, above-and-beyond way while making you feel cared for like royalty along the way.Best dental experience of my life! There’s nowhere else I could even think about going to now after my incredible dental visit at Vibrant Dental. Dr. Michael Weis is the best in the business — amazing bedside manner, expertise, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and skill! 11/10 stars!

Alexander Chang

Both Dr Weis’ (husband and wife) were so kind and attentive. We were visiting from out of town and my husband had a dental emergency. Dr Michael Weis came in on his day off to help us. Both he and his wife went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and treat my husband’s problem. Vibrant Dental is a valuable asset to Western NC and we are so grateful to them! I highly recommend!!!

Ann Swanson

The best dental experience! As someone with anxiety in the dental chair, both Drs. Weis took intentional care in being gentle, encouraging, and talking me through every process…Their joy and passion for what they do is evident in their patient care and highest quality work!

Emily S.

Going to the dentist is always stressful for me, especially for the first visit. Vibrant Dental welcomed me in. The professionals that work here made me feel comfortable, and the stress melted away. Michael Weis, the dentist, answered my questions and made me feel assured that he was going to take good care of me.


Amazing experience, friendliest staff, after one visit you feel like part of the family. Loved every second, and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of any kind of doctor visit. Cannot recommend enough. 😊

Erin Peterson

I am a part timer with my summer residence here in Hendersonville. I am so lucky to have found a wonderful dentist here ! Dr. Weis and his staff are the best! He took his time explaining what needed done along with pictures to really have me understand it all. The procedure involving removing and replacing a crown went perfectly and painless, I have never felt more comfortable with a dentist and his staff before and definitely recommend them ! You won't be disappointed!

David Martin

Vibrant Dental is the best dental office on the planet!!! Dr’s Amy and Michael Weis are extremely knowledgeable and have upgraded this office with state of the art equipment to provide awesome care along with their caring hearts. They have a true passion for dentistry and for the community of Hendersonville. Their staff also provides service that will exceed your expectations. Appointments were on time and the interactions with hygiene, the dental assistant, and the front desk were all very professional, efficient and pleasant. If you are looking for a dental office in Hendersonville I highly recommend them. If there was a 10 star option I would rate them a 10/10!

Cynthia Robbins

Dr Weis and his staff are all very friendly, compassionate, and professional. Their work is well beyond reproach. I’m smiling again after many years of restraint thanks to their impeccable service. You will be in good hands with them.

Travis Fox

After a bit of a search, I am happy to report I found my dentist. If you, too, are searching for a dentist who is compassionate, empathetic, caring, professional and gifted in dentistry, call Vibrant Dental. Dr. Weis will have you feeling like going to the dentist isn’t quite as bad as we all have been thinking for whatever amount of years. You will be offered a massaging eye mask that emits heat, noise canceling headphones that can be hooked up to music of your choice and even a weighted blanket for extra comfort. Just when you are enjoying the experience he will tap your shoulder and let you know your dental needs have been met and you are good to go. I have been to many dentists over the course of my life and can assure you that Dr. Weis and his wife, Dr. Weis, have created a welcoming environment to have all your dental needs met. Trust me, your search will end here.

Maria Smith

Vibrant Dental is top-tier, customer-first, modern dentistry. If you’re new to the area, looking for a change, or haven’t been lately (or ever) & dreading it - schedule your appointment now, this is THE dentist that you're looking for!I’m over 50 and have been to several dentists over the years. Dr Michael Weis is the best dentist that I’ve ever had…down-to-earth, affordable, friendly, fast, pain-free & precision work. The entire staff is friendly, fun, & first-rate. The office is clean, modern, comfortable, warm, & welcoming. Great service all around!

Glen W

I can't say enough good things about Michael and Amy and the great service they provide. They are extremely kind and genuinely care about each and every one of their patients. I had a complicated procedure done and they were able to make the experience painless, all while explaining to me in a simple manner the steps they were taking along the way. They are very meticulous and efficient and I will certainly be using their services going forward!


I can’t praise Vibrant Dental enough! For years I hated my smile for many reasons and Dr. Michael, Dr. Amy, and their wonderful team gave me a smile I love showing off now!! The whole team is absolutely amazing and are the most gentle people I’ve ever met! They all make sure you understand everything they’re doing and will be doing! You will be in the best of hands! I couldn’t imagine ever going anywhere else!!

Holly Diana

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the dental practice of this amazing husband and wife team, and I can confidently say that they provide the best dental care I have ever experienced. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome, and at ease, and I knew that I was in good hands.Their state of the art dental technology was impressive, and it made my experience incredibly comfortable and efficient. They were able to diagnose and treat my dental issues quickly and accurately, and I left, feeling confident in my smile. Not only were they highly skilled, But their bedside manner was second to none. They were warm, friendly, and genuinely cared about my dental health and overall well-being. It’s clear that they love what they do, and they take great in providing top-notch dental care to their patients.I highly recommend this dental husband and wife team to anyone looking for state of the art dentistry with a personal touch. They truly deserve five stars and more!


I came to vibrant dental after experiencing a couple weeks of increasingly severe tooth pain. Trista at the front desk was out kind and accommodating, and Dr Weis did a wonderful job. Not a soulless clinical setting like some other places, can not recommend it enough.


Always professional and kind. They know their patients. They are part of the community.


Dr Weis has a great chairside manner, has a genuine gentle dentistry approach and so far everyone in the office has been friendly and helpful.


Great experience! 1st time I had Dr Michael Weis work on my dental work! He has an amazing soft touch!! Thanks!

Denise Remavege

Absolutely best dental office ever! Everyone was so welcoming. Both me and my husband had our teeth whitening done as a Christmas present and I'm so happy with the results! They had eye massagers that were super cool and I didn't even know that was a thing. I will definitely recommend this amazing husband and wife duo dentist team to anyone!

Brittany Kinney

Dr Weis and staff are the best. Always keep things on time, if not early! And the work they do is A+. I recommend them for all your dental needs.

Joshua Knights

Amazing experience, friendliest staff, after one visit you feel like part of the family. Loved every second, and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of any kind of doctor visit. Cannot recommend enough.

Erin Peterson

Great experience! Amazing cleaning. Dentist was very thorough. Debbie was the best!

Fernando Marturet

Eye massage, peaceful music, great service and an overall relaxing experience! Great people!!

Angela Connor

Wonderful team at Vibrant Dental, I’ve been a patient since the 90s and they take excellent care of my teeth, including having a plan to address my teeth concerns and overall hygiene.

Jon Wood

Wow, what a wonderful experience! How many can say that about a trip to the dentist? If you were a patient of Dr. Weis at Vibrant Dental, you could say that every visit. Very nice office and a SUPER-professional staff.I highly recommend visiting Vibrant Dental.

Andy Brogden

“The staff is wonderful from the moment you enter the building you feel like part of the family! Everyone is a treat to speak to. Keep up the wonderful work!

Andrea Santiago

Love Dr. Weis and his staff. He takes the time to explain everything including the problem, solutions, and alternatives. He also never appears to be in a rush or hurry which I appreciate! I am so happy I found this office nearby my house when I moved here!

Jillian Burdick

Very satisfied with all my dental experiences & procedures by Dr. Weis & staff. This visit was for gum pain. I was worked into their schedule quickly & due to a cancellation I was seen the same day. Two x-rays later the problem area was identified and carefully explained. Solutions were suggested. Successful visit!

Pat L Toler

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Call today to take advantage of our new patient special. A portion of your visit will go towards Safelight, a local Hendersonville charity. By investing in your own health, you will also be helping your community!

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